Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Movie Shots


New pictures of “Pirates of the Caribbean: at Worlds End” has found its way on the internet showing the “look” of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) in this installment of the (first?) trilogy. You’ll already get the “Asian” feeling of this part, especially when you see the costume used for Elizabeth.

Together with the beach scene there are also two action scenes from the third movie. Not speaking any Russian, as they are found on a Russian site, I have no idea how they got these pictures.



Pictures Via Filmz.Ru

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15 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Movie Shots”

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Photos Says:

    […] Andy over at the Mousekingdom blog has found some new shots from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. If you’re interested, he has a few more besides this one. He found them on a Russian site here. Maybe I should be cruising more Russian sites. Filed under: Pirates of the Caribbean, Photos, Movie — Josh @ 1:50 pm – December 4, 2006 Related Posts Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – Pictures and SpoilersMassively MultiPlayer Online Game: PiratesNew Pirates of the Caribbean TrailerPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest — The Official Website […]

  2. Anna Says:

    Brilliant. I am a great fan of Pirates Of the caribbean ( especialy of Johnny Depp’s , i have collected alot of his dvds, he is so talented.)so i cant wait for the film on may 25th. The pictures look very interesting now i know a little about the next movie i cant wait.

  3. Mrs Sparrow Says:

    I absolutely love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
    This movie is going to be so awesome!
    I especially love Johnny Depp. Hes so hot! :P

  4. natalie abbott Says:

    dose captine jack sparrow die in no 3i hope not but i have herd he dose i am so in love whith him

  5. Bethany Drengacs Says:

    I hope Johnny doesn’t die in the third movie.. and ladies he’s not hott. Infact he’s a sculpture, God took a big hunk of stone and carved him perfectly, and that’s how we came to love him!!!!

  6. ilovejohnnydepp Says:

    i love johnny depp cant wait for the 3rd movies .. i’m obsessed .!!

  7. Anna Says:

    I hope jack dosent die. but think this rite, they mite be making a pirates 4 because johnny is willing to do it if there is a good script so he mite not die, but then again who knows.
    IF he does die then lets hope he does it brilliantly, apparently he is sopposed to be alot more heroic in the 3rd film.
    have you seen the trailer? its the best i have seen!!

  8. crystal Says:

    awsome but can we get a sneak peak of the storie?

    im Die-ING to know whether jack dies or not.
    if you have any idea about the nest part of the storie E-mail me at KitaFairywings@aol.com

  9. maranda Says:

    i love johnny depp he is so fine i wantto make him mine but i do love sanjaya malakar but johnny depp is so xier i want him

  10. maranda Says:

    he is th best guy is the whole world if any one wants to get to now me if u have mine is little_birdie_maranda@yahoo.com add me to ur friends and i will add u i am on ever day love maranda

  11. cRistina Says:

    this ia a great and andforgetable movie but the movie number 2 was a little better i loved it

  12. ASparrowFan Says:

    I loved the film! It was awsome and funny! Loved evey second of it! Johnny Depp was fantastic in it, and but so where all the others! It was so awsome, stil can’t believe i saw it!

  13. Karlen Says:

    i saw the pirates 3 thats the great movie the jack sparrow dosent die

  14. Caroline Says:

    I saw the 3rd Movie, It was AWESOME!

  15. Caroline Says:

    The scene of right when you see Jack’s nose sniffing for the peanut , That was weird!

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