5th Gate: Six Months later

castlecolin2.jpgAbout a good 6 months ago I started to have my imagination float freely on this blog when it came to the rumored 5th gate. In the entry “5th Gate: Past” I looked at the map that had a 5th gate drawn on it, the influence of Expedition Everest and Pixar while in the article “5th Gate: Now” I looked more at all the things happening around the globe, giving Disney a good reason to jump on the bandwagon to add a new park. In the entry “5th Gate: Future” I dreamed aloud about a possible timeframe. (If you’re new to the blog and didn’t see the articles yet, check them out.) Now, a good six months after writing those I wanted to see how much has changed, how the rumors are going and how possible a 5th gate opening could be when looking at the situation today…

Now, a good six months later, funnily enough the rumors for a 5th gate start to pop up again on the web. The villains are back, the gate that is also known as “shadowlands” and the DisneySea Florida version rumor also seems to pop up again. A rumored opening date from the past was 2008, but that looks very unlikely. Especially the time consuming process would never allow a timeframe like that. On top of that, time still seems not to be right, not for Walt Disney World at least and a 5th gate seems to be very far away.

At this time Cast Members in training are being told that no new gate is in development for the near future. With this said it looks that Disney is keeping focused on the parks they have and that changes will only take place in those four parks. A new park is not in the making… at this time. But that doesn’t mean it will never be there, just it is not known when it will be there. 2008 a target we can start to forget about and with no plans to add a park anytime soon we Disney fans can only guess when we would get t o see a 5th gate. In 5 years, in 10 years, or when Walt Disney World turns 50? I still think we will gate 5 (and 6 and 7), but after 6 months the same questions stays… When.

But could there be other reasons that a 5th gate is music for the future. About 7000 unfilled jobs at the Walt Disney World Resort and nobody to (or want to) fill the positions. If a 5th gate would be build, where would they have to get the Cast members from? Could this be something management is thinking about? I guess it could be a factor, together with cost for such a project and the question if a 5th gate would bring extra people to the park. There might (and will be) a lot of things that influence this. Although we did get a lot of positive news on attendance of the parks, with more visitors coming to the magic, the 5th gate might not be an extra magnet for more, but would only divide visitors over 5 instead of 4 gates. (Although I think visitors would add an extra day to see the new park)

Well, six months later and no big news on the rumored gate. It’ll come… one day… but not in 2008, it might be a lot later.

Remember, these are personal views and thought from me looking at Walt Disney World, Theme Park influences from around the globe, the rumors and the voices that speak to me in my head (Only Goofing around). I could be completely wrong and I’m sure I will be proven wrong once we do get some confirmation, but until then I’ll be returning with more 5th gate rant in the future…

And if you know more, make sure to let us know… Until then, enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World that is already there… and there is lots of it.

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