Own the “real” Haunted Mansion

PackerMansion.jpgIf you have $1.75 million and would like to own a piece of Disney History and want to live in it too then this might be the deal you’re waiting for. For that amount of money you can live in the Haunted Mansion! Well, not the one in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, but the original house that was the inspiration of the building that hosts the 999 ghosts. The Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, the name of the original house, has been put on the market… ghosts and haunts included (There must be, no?).

HauntedMansionColin.jpgBut how do you find the right buyer for a $1.75 million hilltop mansion built in Jim Thorpe in 1874 that was the inspiration for Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion?

With patience and precision, says listing agent Michael Strickland of Kurfiss Real Estate in Springtown, Bucks County. A love of history doesn’t hurt either.

The Harry Packer Mansion has been for sale since the end of April. The three-story home is currently a bed and breakfast that’s the site of murder mystery weekend getaways. The home was originally a wedding gift to Harry Packer, from his father, Asa Packer, the founder of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh University. (Mcall.com)

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2 Responses to “Own the “real” Haunted Mansion”

  1. Caliope Says:

    contrary to popular belief, the harry packer mansion was NOT a wedding gift. the home was actually built in 1865 as lehigh valley railroad office space and did not look as it does now. the tower, veranda & doamers would have been added between 1872-1874. when the home was built, Harry was only 15 years old and was attending boarding school in NY at the time.

    the sale price had been dropped to 1.2 million and was taken off the market as of two weeks ago.

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