Disney Pictures and E-cards

PicParade1.jpgHow often do you send E-cards? I must admit that I haven’t sent one for ages. But would it not be fun to get one? Sure, especially when you can send them from a collection of over 5000 pictures to choose from. Even better, they are pictures taken by many Disney fans, collected to share with everybody on the web. Search or browse the pictures and send a card to one of your friends.

How does it work? Easy, all you need is a free (yes, as in no cost at all) account. Once you’re logged in you can send a card. Where do you have to go? Just visit ClickMagique PicParade!

PicParade2.jpgBut there is more than just sending E-cards. Once you have your account (remember, it is free) you can add up to 50MB worth of pictures. Picture added; name it, comment on it and see how people give marks to it. You can also use them linked in forums or websites, or use ClickMagique PicParade just to keep track of your best Disney pictures.

If you want to share your Disney pictures this is the right place as, up to now, over 450000 times the pictures have been viewed so far.

So what is stopping you? ClickMagique PicParade wants your Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland pictures! Add them now (did I mention it was free).

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  1. Roy Millen Says:

    do you have pictures of the park as you walk through it ,also phoyo gallery of disneyland that can be saved on my hard drive.

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