Catch a Wave at Typhoon Lagoon

SurfPoolOS1.jpgTyphoon Lagoon is one of my favorite places in Walt Disney World. Every WDW visit includes at least one visit to this water park. One of my favorite attractions is the lazy river Castaway Creek, but I’ve always been intrigued by the Surf Pool’s early morning Surfing lessons (I used to do some windsurfing in a previous life).

If you would like to find out if the Surf Experience is something for you check out this write up on a First Surf Lesson experience.

The first wave washes under me, I let it pass and wait for the second smaller wave that is recommended for beginners. The instructor pushes me into the second wave as I quickly replay the steps in my head. I jump into the squat, but instead of landing on the board, I jump right into the water, the surfboard still in my hands.

Luckily, the only injury was my pride. (Orlando Sentinel)

MMmm… Maybe I’ll stick to the Lazy River :-)

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