No more Pin Trading Events at the hotels

DisneyPinWeb1.jpgFor some, Pin trading is part of a Disney holiday while there are others who still wonder what the collectors see in this little pieces of metal. I do collect them myself but narrowed it down to Halloween and the once I like. I used to try to get more, but as I cannot be at the parks all the time missed out on the once I collected or wanted and started to cut down. Sure, Ebay is a place to go if you want to get some, but with some of the prices being doubled I could not bring myself to buying them. As I wanted to keep it fun I now get what I like on my trip, with Halloween being the main interest.

It looks like I am not the only one thinking like this as Disney decided to end most of their pin trading events in the Walt Disney World Hotels. Although Disney doesn’t say why they end the events but they do admit that he number of visitors was going down.

attendance at the hotel sessions has fallen recently, collectors said. Some wondered if Disney might have saturated the collectible pin market and deflated the craze, while others suggested that professional pin traders, known as “pin sharks,” began to dominate small meetings and took the fun out of them. (Orlando Sentinel – Orlando Sentinel Blog)

..thinning crowds at recent hotel sessions could be because there now are so many Disney pins that people may be losing interest (Orlando Sentinel)

Pin trading will not disappear, there will be events, pin trading in the park will still be promoted, but I guess more people will (or have) start to make it a little more a part of the trip without making it a priority. I remember the queue for the Halloween Pin on 31 October 2005 in the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, it was long. It was so long I could not be bothered to get in it. Halloween night is only a couple of hours and I was not going to be in line for that long just to get one. When I return at night, just before closing time, there where still pins left. So I did get to get my Halloween pin of that day. I was happy about that, but even being a Disney collector that I am, would never queue for that long to get it. (They even had pins from previous Halloween events left over).

In my personal opinion Pin Trading should be fun, a hobby and not take over your Disney trip. So far this worked out for me as I have been able to do some great trades with some great Disney friends out there. I have not met the “Pin Sharks” myself and so far always traded fairly with other collectors. So enjoy the trading, even if the events might be less.

And if you see me in the park and have a Halloween pin to trade… late me know. :-)

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