Disney Vacation Club: First Steps


A couple of days ago I placed my request for a small DVC contract with the Timeshare Store. I wanted a small contract for several reasons. First of all a 150 minimum contract is not something I need now or want to do at this time. If I wanted to go for a 150 point contract I would have to go and have a talk to my bank. Instead of taking out a big loan I will start with a small contract I can afford for now. Once I am a member I can add on when I want or when I am ready. The first year (or even two years) the 50 points will do for me and my family.

I also decided Saratoga Springs is the right place for me. Although I love the BoardWalk Villas as a location I just can’t convince myself spending the same amount of money for a location that has 12 years less on its contract. With my plan to buy add on points during several years I feel this is the best option for me.

Once I have my points I will plan a visit to Walt Disney World in a low season periode. I can use 100 points (If I borrow from the next year) and stay at a studio. It is all I need. The year after I can go for some add on points (25 is enough) and do some more borrowing and I can visit WDW again for a week in low season (25 new points and 25 borrowed, with 50 borrowed from the first contract.).

I will have to do some juggling with the points and might have to skip a year (can’t keep on borrowing) but Once I have 100 points in total I’ll be able to go for a week every year. This is the first target for me.

It could well be I will add on after that (to be able to extend to 10 day visits), but that is something for the future. For now I’ll be waiting for that call from the timeshare shop, the contract, and my membership.

(To be continued,…)

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3 Responses to “Disney Vacation Club: First Steps”

  1. Disney Vacation Club Says:

    Wow, it’s surprising to hear that they are excersising their right of first refusals. It must be that there is an upward market for the particular point contract that you wanted. There are alot of private owners marketing these on the internet though, you should be able to find something matching what you are looking for.

  2. heidi & peter reyburn Says:

    We just came back from 2 wks. in FL – visiting Disney’s Magic & Epcot w/ time for a tour of DVC SS w/ Rob Shapiro. Very interesting accomodations. The studio left us cold as at 6’4″ it is not comfortable for 2 to be left in a queen sized bed especially ‘on vacation’. What models did they use – those under 6 ft.? Not sure that this club is the way to go – many questions …..also, future AK looks more inviting – would this be easier to re-sell at 10-12 yrs. down the road? No children in our life, but many friends we would like to travel w/ (how do you handle pts. in the real world of $$$?), and time will not be an obstacle as retirement is looming. Off Disney locations are high on our list as many inns/hotels (ski/ocean, etc.) now have become extremely pricey. Not excited about the cruises – rather go w/ AMX Maritime club. Is this DVC for us? Not sure…. Anyone willing to respond?

  3. bet clic Says:

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