5th Gate: Future

CastleFUTURE.jpgWhen will we get the 5th gate? It is a question many fans ask themselves. We talked about the past and the rumors that have been floating around (Past) and had a look at what plans are going around the world for other amazing non Disney project (Now). The question that we now ask ourselves is what the future will bring us.

Not an easy question to answer and it might even be a question that Disney management themselves have no answer yet. But looking at the rest of the world and all the plans that pop up for new parks I am sure Disney will “jump” on the wagon and will bring us the 5th Gate.

Is the clearing of the land as mentioned in the first part related to the fifth gate? If so we can’t be far away from an announcement, but with no rumors to be found this clearance might be for some whole other project.

So could it be that Disney will wait longer and could we get to see a park erupt a lot later as we would all hope for. Think 50 years of WDW celebration? To far way? It is only about 15 years in the future. Might look far, but 15 years are closer then it feels. A 40 year celebration with a park is most unlikely, although would be nice and will make us think about a 6th gate for the big Five-O. Yes, I guess I am to optimistic, bet there is room for a 6th, maybe even a 7th park or more…

The future surely looks good for Disney (World); Everest, Pixar, etc are all proof of this. So it is only a question of time before we see gate nr 5.

Remember though. These are personal views I have after looking at the industry today. I could be wrong, completely wrong. But I can’t believe that the Walt Disney World Resort would stop growing… so in my eyes, gate 5 is around the corner, but how long will it take to turn that corner…

However, R. Iger did have something to say about this not so long ago in the Orlando Sentinel

you’ll see Disney building more parks internationally, and you’ll see Disney expanding the vacation experience domestically a fair amount, and you will see expansion in California and in Florida, but again I doubt you’ll see, at least in the next decade, a new gate.

I guess it will be a while before we turn that corner.

Thank you to the people of Theme Park Review forum (who would love to see DisneySea added in Walt Disney World) and the Disboard forum (who do not see a 5th park coming anytime soon) for their comments and visits.

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2 Responses to “5th Gate: Future”

  1. BellBoy Says:

    It is so exciting to think about, but you are right (I think) to say it is far off. Look at the stopped construction projects sitting dormant. Another gate would require expanded capacity across the board, and that is something that has stopped in Florida. It would take years of expansion much like what we saw before AK opened. We will have plenty of warning when it comes.


    Thanks, love the posts!!!

  2. Simon Veness Says:

    All WDW management’s current focus seems to be on ‘fixing’ various issues within the existing parks and resorts, rather than anything visionary for the future. The Animal Kingdom has already received a lot of attention with EE and there is more in the works with the new Finding Nemo musical. Disney are keen to see the park’s attendance rise substantially (and people staying until closing time) before they green-light any 5th gate, unfortunately. Then when you consider all the rather confusing ideas being considered for the Pleasure Island area, the failed 2nd part of the Pop Century resort, problems with the public perception of Disney-MGM Studios and the ongoing public relations nightmare with Mission: Space at Epcot, WDW have WAY too much on their plates to even consider a new park. My best guess is, like Andy’s, that the 50th anniversary might be the starting point for a new park, but there would have to be a lot of strong economic signals before even that could happen, IMHO.

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