5th Gate: NOW

CastleNOW.jpgSo in this second part I want to talk a little about the “why” a 5th gate will be on the “to do” list of Disney. Remember, these are personal views? I could be completely wrong.

As a Disney fanatic (I am sure many of you know how it feels) I’m always looking at the future of the Theme Parks. Like I mentioned in my previous rant (5th Gate PAST), I dream about it, and even Imagine how it might look like. But as a Coaster and Dark ride enthusiast I can’t help myself looking at other parks around the world.

The travel and Theme Park industry is recovering of a hard time. 9/11 didn’t help the industry a lot, and could be considered the cause of many changes when it comes to traveling, including going to Walt Disney World. But I think we see a positive change at the moment. Growth is taking place at the World, Parks are getting fuller again, but when looking at the rest of the world we can see that the amusement industry is taking new form.

ShinHwaKorea.jpgWhen I opened my latest Kirmes – Park Revue (a German top class industry magazine. Also included is an English Version when ordering from abroad like I do) I could not stop gazing at the page with the new projects. Alfa Park in Italy, FantaWild near Hong Kong, Jeju ShinHwa in Korea (The drawings of this plan look AWESOME) and Hollywood Adventures, an indoor movie park in Dubai and other future projects kept me hooked for hours. Talking about Dubai, the whole resort will be twice the size of Walt Disney World once finished. Dubai is putting itself on the map as one of the biggest holiday destinations in the world. Not yet maybe, but the future looks bright.

Why mentioning this! First of all, the world is getting smaller and more accessible for many people. Dubai sounds far away for many, but with a resort and a future like this, it might become a destination for many people of the globe. So I think Disney Management is following all of these projects, seeing the things created in the rest of the world, and will not want to miss out. Of course we don’t always have to look that far into the rest of the world. Islands of Adventure and Bush Garden are two examples of parks near the magic showing what the “others” want.

5th gate? Yes, I am pretty sure Disney will green light their next big project. It will look at the rest of the world, it will learn from it and then an announcement will reveal what it will be about. The Magic will grow. The question however is when!

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