Illuminations; Favorite viewing spot equals great pictures

IlluminationsMouseRadio.jpgToday I found some amazing pictures of my favorite show in EPCOT; Illuminations. I have been looking for pictures like this on the web on a daily basis but never could I find any great pictures, until I just found these today. Not only are these pictures amazing, they’re also taken from my favorite viewing spot. This spot is right between the two shops when you enter the world showcase coming from Future World.

The viewing platform in front of the lagoon is roped off until 15 minutes before the show starts. Not everybody is aware this will open so queues are not to bad (although I have always been during off season, I could be wrong about this when it is high season). Once you’re on the platform you’ll be asked by Cast Members to sit down so all people on the platform, and all people behind the platform, will be able to enjoy the show in the fullest.

The pictures I found show the return of the fire barge. The barge has only recently returned, after an explosion forced Disney to take the feature out for a while. I really missed this on my last trip, but with the fire barge in place again I have yet another reason to return to Walt Disney World and see my favorite Disney show.

Pictures are posted on Disney Mouse Radio, here is the direct link to see all the pictures.

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4 Responses to “Illuminations; Favorite viewing spot equals great pictures”

  1. Katharina Says:

    The pics are amazing. I watched “Illuminations” from this place on new years eve. We stand there 4 hours before the beginning of the firework. But tis place is the best to see it. And I won´t miss the 4 hours waiting-time. :)

  2. caroline stevenson Says:

    I don’t think it really matters where you watch this fantastic display of fireworks from, its the best show I have ever seen in my life! The musical score is amazing. The best time of year to see it is Chrismas as you get an added bonus at the end “Peace on Earth good will to men”.

    My Husband Adam and I love Disneyworld sooooooo much we are going for our fifth visit June 16th and can’t wait.

  3. Andy De Maertelaere Says:


    You’re right of course. There are so many nice spots all around the lagoon to enjoy this piece of Disney Magic. I’ve seen it from different spots but the one mentioned above is my favorite.

    BTW; have fun on your next trip, send us some pictures! :)

  4. caroline Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Also meant to day how fantastic your pictures of “Illuminations” were!! They must make good memories for you. We can’t wait to ride “Expedition Everest” when we go in June do you know of anyone who has already rode it?


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