A little chicken which stepped in the right direction!

Chicken LittleI finally was able to see Chicken Little yesterday night!
Besides being a great test for any home theatre system (the DVD quality is tops) I really enjoyed the story and animation!
Sure, it might not be a “Lion King” or “Beauty and the Beast” type movie! It might not have that quaint charm and art of Bambi or creativeness or Fantasia, but all in all I really found it a “step in the right direction”.

The characters are really quality animated, in most moments I could really connect to all of them and see the love and devotion which there supervising animators poured into each one of them!
How can you not fall in love with a pig who sings “I will survive” whilst driving a fire truck through an alien filled town square or “Staying alive” as his antis tress song?
Fish out of water must be one of the most compelling sidekicks to ever come out of the animation world; I was crying whislt laughing as he was imitating King Kong on the empire state building or break dancing…
Morkupine PorcupineEven if the movie is CGI / 3D you have a definite feel of it being “Disney”! All the animation techniques which have always been a trademark of the Disney animation legacy are there; compelling characters, good (yet simple) moving storyline and great animation techniques!
The feel of the movie reminded me a lot of the most “toonish” drawing styles! The glorious 1940’s of my beloved “Goofy shorts” where goofy taught you how to play golf, ski, sail, fish etc.
Squash and strech techniques, a trademark of the most toonish Disney animation of the 40’s is finally bought into the CGI world and helps a lot the movie feel “Disney”.
All in all I really liked chicken little; although it might never be considered as a masterpiece in the Disney animation legacy it is “a step in the right direction”!.

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2 Responses to “A little chicken which stepped in the right direction!”

  1. Wuzefelix Says:


    I agree with you that Chicken little is a step in the right direction. When I went out of the cinema I really asked myself why Disney recently bought Pixar althoug they are able to produce much better CGI Movies on their own. In my opinion, Chicken little is the best CGI Movie ever released by any company, because it is more funny than Shreck, has more heart than Finding Nemo and features the cutest and funniest charachters. Even if I do not like CGI in general, Chicken little convinced me that there is a potential in computer animation.


  2. L Says:

    I love Morkubine Porcupine!!!! Well, actually, I love this whole movie…

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